A day out in Sheffield!

Hey everyone!

So this week has been a weird one in that I have been in a bit of a limbo for most of it. The reason being I was waiting to hear when I would start my new job which meant I couldn’t really plan to do anything. However, I did have to take a trip up to my University to hand in some forms so I decided to spend the rest of the day in Sheffield (my home city). Most people think that Sheffield is really boring and that there isn’t much to do – which is completely wrong! There’s plenty of stuff to do and I ended up spending the entire day exploring. So, here is some of the stuff I got up to!

First off I took a quick walk around Weston Park as it is right next to my University. It’s such a pretty place, one that is nestled away right at the top of the city! If anyone wants a peaceful walk or quiet picnic, this is definitely the place to go especially when it’s sunny. It’s also home to a load of adorable ducks – quack quack!


Next I headed down to the newly refurbished moor so I could do some shopping. A load of new stores have opened there which is really bad for my purse, but oh well I do need new clothes for my year abroad! After that a quick refresh was needed, I couldn’t resist treating myself to a Costa. Their new summer drinks are perfect as a quick refresher.


Plus, it tasted even better drinking it in the peace gardens, although I was tempted to run through the fountain just to cool off!


Finally, I had a quick walk through the winter gardens on my way down to the train station. It still amazes how such exotic stuff is able to grow in there! It was an exhausting day but also really enjoyable, I don’t normally go into the centre that much so it was really nice to spend some time exploring my city! I would definitely recommend a day out in Sheffield to anyone!