Books, Books and more books


Here I am finally having gotten around to writing my blog. My schedule for having weekly posts has already gone a bit skewed – sorry about that! Life’s being super busy with my new job so I haven’t had chance to do any travelling, sad times! I also haven’t really had any time to sort out anything more for my Year Abroad which is a bit worrying, but I still have a month left to get the bulk of stuff I’m going to need. I did actually buy some stuff today for the plane journey which is a start. Well, when I say stuff what I mean is I bought two books to read at the airport and on the plane. I’m not that great a flyer despite being a frequent one so I always need something light-hearted and funny to take my mind off the flight, which is why I bought these!


I love both of these two’s programmes and I couldn’t resist buying the books when I saw them today. I figured if there was any book that was going to take my mind of flying it would be Karl’s! The only problem is I’m really tempted to start reading them now! I still need to buy some more books to take with me to Spain – I’m not sure which ones to get yet though but I’ll do a post on them when I do! That’s all for now, but if you want to know what’s happening between posts or when the next one is up I now have a twitter account @travellingtara1 (I really am hurtling into the 21st century haha)!



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