Hey everyone!

Welcome to my super exciting travel blog! Okay, I admit that perhaps isn’t super exciting yet, but it is indeed a travel blog!

But… before we get to that, I think it would be best if I introduced myself first (if you’re not interested in super boring bio’s feel free to skip to the end)! Anyway, for those who have decided to read this bit I’m a University student from England currently preparing to go on a year abroad as part of my degree – crazy right?! I’ll be going to Andalucía (southern Spain) to teach kids English – which could be difficult considering my northern English accent! Anyway, as you can imagine it’s a pretty daunting time for me – especially considering it’s my first ever time away from home! So, I thought I’d create this blog to share my experience with you guys and bring you along for the ride!

So if you’re going on a year abroad or are just interested in travel in general, make sure to stick around! Before I go, I’ll be posting useful tips and tricks for preparing to go abroad and also advice for people in University going on a year abroad themselves. When I get there, I’ll be letting you guys know everything that’s happening and hopefully you’ll find some of it interesting!

Anyway, I sure hope you decide to stick around and see what becomes of my crazy adventure!



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